DC315 Fireproof Paint

SWIS Distribution are an accredited provider of International Fireproof Technology Inc.’s DC315 Fireproof Paint. This world renowned product is an effective proprietary LOW VOC water-based formulation consisting of acrylic-based resins, binders, and intumescent agents.

Tested over 300 times throughout its assembly, DC315 is factory formulated and delivered as a single component Thermal and Ignition Barrier product that is applied over the top of spray foam insulation applications.

When exposed to a heat source, the DC315 coating expands and forms a layer of char over the spray foam substrate – thus protecting it and the building framework it surrounds from the flames and heat of the fire.

Available in three colour choices – ice grey, charcoal black and white – fireproof paint is fast-becoming an essential and expected companion to every spray foam insulation installation. Be sure your business is equipped to handle the demand by contacting SWIS Distribution today.


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