Preparing park homes for a chilly Winter with Lapolla spray foam!

Park Homes are an ever popular choice across the UK, allowing people who have retired a new, comfortable and affordable place to live – often in a dream location.

There aren’t many pitfalls making this choice, except for the heating and maintenance bills.

The easiest way to combat this is to ensure that the home is fully insulated. Especially the crawl space under the floor – an area that is often forgotten, yet contributes to a potential 50% heat loss! 

Originally the sole reason to install spray foam insulation in a park home, was to reduce the heat loss through the inadequately insulated walls, but Lapolla spray foam insulation offers so much more. Here are some of the great benefits: 

  • Incredible thermal capabilities that significantly reduce heat loss. Saving you money! 
  • It’s maintenance free and will eliminate mould grown and condensation.
  • Improved indoor comfort and air quality, which creates a consistent temperature throughout your home.
  • 25 year product warranty to protect your financial investment.
  • Drastically reduces noise intrusion like no other standard insulation on the market.
  • Deters pests and prevents them from entering your home.

We recently reviewed an installation carried out in Camborne, Cornwall by Protec Insulation to determine just how well the Lapolla Spray Foam insulation performed. The customers review speaks for itself:

Prior to the company using Lapolla Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation on the underside of my property, the home could not maintain good heat and had to be boosted by an oil filled radiator in the lounge. After the insulation was installed, we had to turn the heating down as it was immediately too hot. The home feels drier, the air cleaner and noise from outside is almost non-existent since it has been fitted. These are all additional benefits that make this product such value for money. We are so pleased with the installation and although it does save money on heating, we love the additional unexpected benefits that come for free!

~ Mr R Buss. March, 19

Lapolla spray foam doesn’t just benefit you like traditional forms of insulation!

By having it installed on your Park Home you will see payback in so many ways in a short space of time. For further information on Lapolla please visit our sister website here