Lapolla Open Cell Acoustic Quality Testing

Preliminary Test results

In order to carry out the sound coefficient tests, a regular flight and air plane that travelled over the property was researched. This would allow accurate before and after comparisons once the foam insulation had been applied.

Now that a flight and air plane had been chosen, the next stage was to obtain a decibel reading as the plane flew over the property. A result of 83 decibels was recorded!

The Preparation and installation

The property owner naturally wanted to achieve the full benefits of the Lapolla Spray Foam, so a full clean and all remedial repairs were carried out by the installation team ensuring that maximum coverage, adhesion and performance were obtained. The removal of the existing fibreglass was also carried out. It had been installed just 10 years prior but had already deteriorated to a point where it allowed condensation to form within and pool on the top of the ceiling plasterboard. This then caused mould to develop on the bedroom ceilings below!

The fibreglass removal was an important procedure

Once the loft space had all the fibreglass removed, had received a deep clean and all areas had been prepared; it was time to start applying the lapolla fl500 open cell spray foam insulation.

The Result!

Less than a day later and the loft space had its full application of Lapolla FL500 open cell spray foam and two incredible differences were noted straight away.

Firstly, the property became instantly warmer. the home owners informed us that they had to turn the heat setting down by 10˚c just two days later, as the lapolla fl500 insulation held the heat within the home much more efficiently than the previous fibreglass insulation had done.

Secondly, the decibel readings were once again carried out on the same flight under the same conditions as the original test. the owner could not comprehend the difference it had made, with a new reading registered at 46.5 decibels at its loudest point. This was a 44% reduction when compared with the previous reading of 83 decibels!