Lapolla Closed Cell Spray Insulation proved the Ideal Solution for a Vintage Airstream Trailer

After years of moving around, this young family decided it was time for a more permanent home and rather than putting their foot on the property ladder, they opted for Priscilla: a vintage 1981 Silver Streak Airstream trailer, large enough to comfortably house them all whilst touring Europe.

As soon as the trailer had landed from USA, time was of the essence to make it livable for the start of their upcoming travels. Insulation was high on the list of priorities given they were planning on living in the trailer all year round, in various countries and climates! After researching different options, they contacted us at SWIS to arrange a no obligation consultation.


After weighing up all options, Lapolla Closed Cell was chosen as the best fit for many reasons:

It’s Sprayable! So it can be easily applied to a wide range of surfaces, which in this case was ideal given the curvature of the trailer.

Speed of Install! It can be installed quickly and fills less space when compared to more traditional insulation products – another important factor, given the limited space within this soon to be home.

It’s Air Tight! Once installed, it provides a conditioned air space and effective barrier against mould and dust. If that’s not enough… it also adds structural integrity to any surface, another added bonus given the age of the trailer.

For this family, the decision was easy, and nothing else compared. So, after protecting all interior fittings, they gave us a call and our SWIS team got to work with the spray application.

SWIS Spray Insulation Delivered Airtight Results with Minimum Fuss

The application of Lapolla Closed Cell spray insulation was complete within a day and both SWIS and the clients were delighted with the finished results! A continuous airtight barrier meant that the trailer was completely sealed from any external infiltration and they could enjoy their new conditioned interior. Not to mention another great bonus – significantly lower heating bills!


We’re really pleased with the results, it’s going to really make a difference to the temperature in Priscilla. Plus, we’ve been told it will add strength to the structure. South West Insulation Solutions were really easy to deal with and reasonably priced. Thanks to SWIS for doing a great job, thoroughly recommended!’

Find out more about the spray insulation application, and their ongoing travels, here.

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