Already facing a large undertaking in completing this ultra-modern, expansive property. Andrews & Mills construction needed some expertise on how best to insulate this complicated construction without jeopardising on the materials thermal efficiency, air tightness & most importantly the deadline required to get the task complete! 

Lapolla FL2000-4G ticked all of the boxes & offered unrivalled efficiency in all areas

Lapolla spray foam fits well with unique designs

Along with speed of installation, another key benefit of utilising spray foam insulation was it’s ability to easily fit the curvature of more complicated designs, whilst creating that all important airtight blanket. To do this with most other forms of insulation, would have resulted in compromise of the thermal efficiency of the air tightness & in today’s new build industry this is difficult to comprehend.

The whole install was complete within a total of five days, by two accredited Lapolla installers. The project manager for the build estimated that if a more traditional method of insulation was used, this would have resulted in a four man team spending three weeks carrying out the work. 

Key benefits noted once install was complete

  • The R Value of 0.22 WM2K meant that it’s insulation abilities were unrivalled by any traditional material such as fibreglass or PIR boarding.
  • Due to it’s closed cell material, it added raking strength to the structure as well as inhibiting moisture ingress in the future.
  • Speed of install meant it took a quarter of the time it would have taken if a more traditional insulation method was chosen.
  • The 25 year warranty protects financial investment!
  • It will improve the homes air quality & create an even temperature throughout the property.
  • It aids in enhancing the value of the property by reducing the EPC rating. 
  • It drastically reduces noise intrusion like no other standard insulation on the market.