Lapolla 4G for Cornwalls Dragon Kingdom

The largest of the indoor adventure kingdoms at Cornwall’s leading all weather attraction, camel creek adventure park, required a number of solutions for a multitude of problems! This 1245m2 commercial application was crying out for Lapolla spray foam. 

This 1245m2 commercial application was crying out for Lapolla spray foam.

The area was heated by a bio-mass boiler that was having to work at full capacity to produce the required level of warmth during the winter months. It was also unbearably hot during the summer period. This was because there was no existing insulation in this large area.

As a result of this it as also easy for birds and other pests to enter the area, which was causing other problems and attracting unwanted attention.

The other conundrum was the time frame in which the installation could take place. Being a busy family attraction, disruption and closed periods had to be kept to a minimum!

There was a simple answer for all of these problems & that was Lapolla FL2000-4G

  • The R-Value of 0.22 WMSK meant that it’s insulation abilities were unrivalled by any traditional materials such as fibreglass or PIR boarding. This meant that the bio-mass boiler no longer need to work at full capacity during the winter period. 
  • It also reduced the temperature in the summer period leaving the building several degrees cooler than was recorded the previous summer. 
  • The application left a fully sealed protection barrier eliminating any potential pest problems moving forward. 
  • Due to it’s closed cell material, it added racking strength to the structure as well as inhibiting moisture ingress into the future.
  • Speed of install meant it took a quarter of the time that it would have taken to use a more traditional insulation method.