A Layer of Lapolla Closed Cell Was the Perfect Solution for Condensation Problems

White Acres Holiday Park is a favourite destination for holiday makers from the UK and beyond. Situated just five miles from Newquay beach, the resort boasts a whole host of attractions within its 184 acres. Families can enjoy quiet countryside, thirteen beautiful lakes, and a variety of fantastic amenities: children’s clubs and adventure areas, top restaurants, and a shopping area offering everything you could need.

The owners of White Acres had noticed that there was an ongoing issue with condensation within the park’s shopping area. They knew that, if left untreated, the problem could lead to some serious issues for employees and guests- condensation can quickly develop into mould issues that are a serious health concern. They weighed up the available options, and decided to contact SWIS for a no obligation consultation.


After carrying out a full site survey, it became clear that Lapolla Closed Cell was the ideal product for dealing with the condensation:

Speedy Application! Lapolla Closed Cell can be quickly applied, minimising the amount of time the shopping area would have to be put out of commission.

Sprayable and Thorough! A spray application means that the entire 150m² surface could be covered in one continuous layer of Lapolla Closed Cell with minimum effort.

Completely Air Tight! Lapolla Closed Cell creates a complete barrier, blocking infiltration from the outside moisture that creates condensation, leading to mould problems.

Added Strength! Lapolla Closed Cell sets firm, adding to the structural integrity of any surface it’s applied to.

Lower Energy Consumption! Not only did Lapolla Closed Cell deal with the condensation problem. It also helped seal the building from external air, letting White Acres maintain an ambient temperature more easily and reducing their energy bills.

White Acres Holiday Park

SWIS Provided the Ideal Condensation Solution for White Acres

SWIS carried out the application of Lapolla Closed Cell to the metal roof, and the shopping area was back in operation in no time at all. It wasn’t long before White Acres’ owners were satisfied that their condensation problems were over. Both customers and employees can now enjoy an environment that is 100% conditioned and completely free of condensation.

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