What is an AirTight Retrofit Home?

By designing, constructing or retrofitting an AirTight home, traditional structural envelope problems can be identified and corrected with the right insulation. Conventional products do not provide an effective solution to many of today’s usual building envelope problems, including:

  • Non-Conventional Framing
  • Vapour Drive
  • Air Infiltration
  • Unventilated attics & crawl spaces

Effective insulation offers a wide range of benefits. Energy costs are reduced, air quality and safety are improved, and you can enjoy a higher level of comfort. AirTight SprayFoam insulation provides all these features.

An effective insulation solution can deliver peace of mind, and guarantees that you and your family enjoy maximum comfort and greatly reduced energy losses.

Electric and water savings contribute to reduced energy costs, as do weather-stripping and caulking.

Retrofit Insulation

Our service can re-insulate part or the entirety of your home. We can provide you with a complete energy assessment that identifies which areas of your home are responsible for the most energy loss. Once the weak points have been determined (usually walls, crawl spaces or an attic) we can apply spray foam insulation to deal with the problem.

You can also retrofit a part of your home that has never been insulated. We’ll assess the space, and give you an estimate on an insulation application that will reduce your energy levels.

Ceiling, flooring and walls occasionally require insulation to reduce drafts.

New Home Insulation

Are you in the process of having a new home constructed? You can request an estimate from us once the frame and foundation are complete. Our team can assess your needs at this point in the construction.

Energy Efficiency

SWIS AirTight™ Retrofit Foam approved applicators have a solid background in building science solutions. They have all undergone extensive training to ensure they are capable of analysing each project, and applying the correct solution for every situation they encounter.

They are experts at providing customers with the most energy-efficient upgrades possible. The SWIS management team, and our network of regional managers, have extensive experience in the spray foam and insulation industries stretching back decades. Our team of managers and qualified applicators work together to ensure every application is completed to the highest possible standards.

SWIS approved applicators understand that a collaborative approach to evaluation, design and delivery results in the most effective insulation systems.

With AirTight™ Retrofit Foam Insulation and/or AirTight™ Sprayfoam, homeowners can rest assured that they have invested in a solution that guarantees a minimum energy loss, and a maximum level of comfort for them and their family.

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