The Importance of a good retrofit insulation system

Despite the adverse weather conditions across Britain, the price hike in energy bills & the governmens battle to reduce our carbon footprint, us Britts still overlook insulation as a worthwhile investment. As a result we compromise on the spend & choose more traditional methods for warming our homes. 

Throughout the UK the vast majority of homes are already insulated. However it goes without question that the majority of our properties are not insulated effectively. 

We get it! It's initally seen as the cheaper option right?!

WRONG! Spray foam insulation is often disregarded, as being a premium product, the premium price tag does tend to come with it .. well, think of it another way. Without quality insulation that has been properly installed, nearly half of our homes heat loss escapes through the roof & walls!

It's not just your energy you're wasting, but your money too!

The aftermath of poorly fitted insulation…

Air-tightness should always be accounted for. As we said money is wasted when hot & cold air can escape through gaps within your properties stucture -more commonly known as draughts. Key places to prioritise are gaps around windows & doors & openings around rafters. 

Accumulation of moisture remains one of the largest issues within a household. If left unchecked mould & damp could start developing along with condensation issues, which ultimately come with servere health risks. Yiykes! 

Even buildings that appear adequatly insulated, often require closer examination – quantity doesn’t always mean quality! Especially if current materials hinder overall efficiency. 

Why upgrade your insulation with spray foam? 

Lapolla FL500 Open cell spray foam insulation is arguable the most effective insulation on the UK market today and should be considered by home owners when retrofitting their property.

Not only will it sufficiently insulate your loft space & reduce your energy bills. The list of free additional benefits continue..

  • Improved air quality & indoor comfort
  • Eliminate hot/cold spots throughout your home
  • Reduce infiltration of pollutants & allergens
  • Protect your home from inclement weather & moisture damage
  • Longevity – It’ll last the buildings lifetime
  • Minimize unwanted exterior noise
  • Maximise storage space
  • Deter pests & prevent nesting! 

It goes without question that Lapolla FL500 creates a superior airtight seal that by far out performs more traditional insulating materials such as PIR board & fibreglass.

Plus it comes with a 25 year product warranty to protect your financial investment!

Quick, easy & efficient application process

It takes a quarter of the time frame (compared to other insulation methods) to fully complete a spray foam application. It’s fully fitted by a trained Lapolla professional, with minimal disruption & no clean up required afterwards! 

In a non-vented loft, spray foam insulation is applied directly to the underside of the roof sheathing to insulate the entire loft space from seasonal hot & cold. Spray foam is installed between the rafters along the soffit area & directly to all exterior surfaces such as gable walls & dormers to create that all important air-tight building envelope.