Airtight White

Airtight Sprayable Membrane

AirTight White® is a VOC free, polymer-based liquid that is applied with an airless spray device or roller.

Once dry it creates an airtight, flexible coating with good adhesion on different substrates.

This product is ready–to–use and can be applied both vertically and horizontally.

Perfect for sealing a structure’s air infiltration points

Airtight White is perfect for sealing a structure’s air infiltration points.

The fast and convenient application means that it can be easily applied to floors, walls, penetration points, and any junctions that allow cold air into a room or building. The resulting airtight structure is more energy efficient, warmer, and more comfortable.

BBA approved liquid vapor layer for the UK

Airtight White is a BBA approved sprayable liquid vapor control layer available on the market in the UK, forming a flexible, permanent, continuous airtight seal* on any surface.

*Air tightness tests can reach 0.6 or lower!

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