About Piranha

Built by sprayers. For sprayers.

the only tools you'll need

Tools of Expertise

For years the Spray Foam industry has been dependant on basic tools to carry out insulation applications across residential, commercial and agricultural sites.

The founders of Piranha Tools, in the USA have designed this fantastic set of  modern day Spray Foam Tools and having been in the industry for the last 25 years – they were perfect for the task, having understood the need to reinvent tools that fit the task at hand.

The Piranha Tools range is guaranteed to get the job done better, faster and with more precision than ever before 

So attention sprayers! Wave good bye to the days of makeshift tools and compromise as here at SWIS are extremely excited to be able to offer you this set of industry changing tools from Piranha, now available in the UK & EU.

quality. speed. precision.