Kingspan Products

SWIS Distribution are the newest distributor of Kingspan products in the UK. Take a look at the breakdown of the products we offer below, then contact a member of the team today to place your order and add this world-renowned name to your supply.

OPTIM-R® 3 Roofing System

An optimum performance next-generation insulation solution, Optim-R is a rigid vacuum insulation panel with a microporous core which is evacuated, encased and sealed in a thin, gas-tight envelope.

Providing an insulating performance that is up to five times better than commonly used insulation materials, Optim-R achieves high levels of thermal efficiency with minimal thickness, making it the ideal choice for constructions where a lack of construction depth or space is an issue.


This rigid thermoset phenolic insulation achieves premium performance by being simultaneously resistant to the passage of water vapour, non-deleterious and easy to handle during installation.

Get in touch to discuss variations available including: Floorboards, Wall Boards, Cavity Boards, Roof Boards, Soffit Boards, Framing Boards, Rainscreen Boards, Insulated Plasterboards and Cavity Closer.


Much like Kooltherm, Therma is another of Kingspan’s premium rigid thermoset insulation options. Focusing on the frame of buildings, Therma is unaffected by air infiltration to achieve industry-leading results. Get in touch to discuss our available Thermapitch, Thermaroof, Thermawall, Thermafloor and Thermabate variations.

Kingspan GreenGuard®

GreenGuard represents a huge step forward as Kingspan’s eco-friendly alternative, achieving elite performance as a rigid extruded polystyrene insulation, boasting high compressive strength and the usual resistance to the passage of water vapour, all whilst being a blowing agent that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and low Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Easy to handle and install and equally as non-deleterious as other Kingspan products, GreenGuard is a highly effective and eco-conscious solution to be used in inverted roofs, basements, car park decks and heavy-duty commercial, industrial and cold store flooring environments.

K-Roc® 32

A rock mineral fibre insulation acceptable for use behind rainscreen façades in all buildings regardless of building type, height, construction and location – available in a variety of thicknesses to tailor to jobs.

Nilvent® 35 Aquazone®

A water-infiltration reduction membrane specifically designed for inverted roofs.

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